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Highly detailed maps with lots of information for field trips and excursions are always available.

Keep in mind that most of Mani is yet to be explored...
The beach, the sea and the sun, though the greatest part of summer vacation for most of us, are not all that the area has to offer. Mani is mainly mountainous. As much beauty as there lies in the sand and the pebbles of crushed rock, the same beauty is hidden in the mountainous trails of Mount Taygetus, that lead through abandoned villages and pine forests, all the way to the top of Prophet Elias, or in the hiking trails that lead down south, through picturesque traditional villages (still populated, thank God!).
Routes filled with both the magnificent scent of herbs and maquis in the area, and the eerie, almost mystical communion of sky, sea and sun, that will test your photographic skills and the capacities of your photographic equipment (use of a good polarizing filter is recommended).

We will be delighted to offer you useful information and suggestions based on our hiking and climbing experience, regarding mountaineering clubs, demanding routes, or easy excursions.

Suggested Tours:
Tour 1

The famous places Aeropolis, Diros Caves, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Porto Cajio and then return to Alika and turn right for Lagia, Kokala, Kotrona, Areopoli and return to Gythio.

Tour 2
Sparta and Byzantine city of Mystras.

Tour 3
Monemvasia – Elafonissos – Neapolis.