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Zen Shiatsu
Although its roots lie in China, Shiatsu was developed in modern-day Japan. Also known as acupressure, the term Shiatsu translates as “finger pressure” but similar to Thai Massage, in practice hands, knees, elbows or even feet are used by the practitioner to apply pressure to the body. Shiatsu is based on the principle that energy (Chi\Prana) runs through the meridians which are said to govern the internal organs and our entire metabolism. The pressure is placed at precisely located points on the meridian lines of the body through which energy flows – there are 14 main meridians. Applying pressure on the points has the effect of balancing that energy to help maintain or restore the body natural vitality, working on the principle that depleted energy requires toning to give relief whereas excess energy needs sedating. In addition to localised pressure points, Shiatsu can also involve stretching and manipulations. It is performed with the recipient dressed in loose, comfortable clothing, on the floor with a mat or futon. Treatments can help the young or old, active or sedentary and the method is claimed to help conditions as varied as allergies, anxiety and depression, asthma, digestive disorders, insomnia, headache and migraine, menstrual problems and sinusitis. Duration 50'

Indian Head Massage (Champi)
Τhe Indian Head Massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. The origin of shampoo comes from a Hindi word champi. The recipient, fully clothed, sits in a massage chair or table for the treatment. The therapist uses a range of different movements including application of deep kneading and compression movements over the neck, shoulder and scalp areas, with the use of warm herbal oils. In addition, the therapist will also gently stimulate and stroke pressure points on the face. It is especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. People report that the experience is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving them feeling energised and revitalised and better able to concentrate. Duration 50'

Holistic-Therapeutic massage
Combination of pressures and techniques which help for an immediate body relaxation, pain relief and rebalance of the central nervous system.
This type of massage is suggested for painful muscular tensions of the muscular and nervous system as well as for the endocrine, peptic, lymphatic and immunitive system.
Appropriate for those who strain their bodies or feel tired either mentally or physically. This treatment includes also about 10 minutes of reflexology. Duration 50'